Rabu, 02 April 2008

When Death Angel Refused Draw Offering Indonesian Dictator

Indonesia Dictator had the power for 32 years, Soeharto (87), on Sunday early afternoon, finally surrendered. On Monday (27/1/2008) this afternoon, Soeharto was buried in the Giribangun palace, Solo.

After tree weeks, this five-star general tried to extend time with the death. If we compared with the game of the chess, Soeharto want to play draw with angel of the death.

Since being treated in the Pusat Pertamina Pusat Hospital, early January 2008, Soeharto indeed refused to die. Various aspects of mystique and knowledge "kanuragan" he mobilized to keep the death although clinically he in fact has died.

For weeks, millions of casualties and the family of Soeharto human rights of violation casualties, witnessed very anxiously. Yes, he was the mass murder brain of the civilian in 1965, the slaughter of the mosque activist in Tanjung Priok 1986 until kidnapping of the student's activist this 1998, was trying to reach an agreement with angel of the death.

Unfortunately, the angel of death could not be bribed. Finally, the kidnapping brain of the student's activist this 1998 closed his eyes. This happen after weeks the Indonesian people witnessed with the feeling of compassion him dying Soeharto.

A mother of two children in the Tebet region, Dhini (43), two last week mentioned that Soeharto dying was the lesson for whom still alive. Since two last week Dhini indeed took the Soeharto conclusion clinically has died. However, his refusal in death made him rust till three weeks.

According to Dhini, ordered the Lord through the angel of death to show off him Soeharto to the Indonesian people till three weeks more, very clear and very bright.

By making Soeharto be tortured for three weeks, this was the momentum for the Lord to warn Indonesian humankind in order to stop corruption and stopped crushed.

Like the game of the chess, Soeharto has indeed tried ask for draw with the death.

Unfortunately, the offer was refused. After be ashamed of and torturing Soeharto through the long game, the angel of death launched his final step: check mate!


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I have been loving reading your blog of chess, it's nice and really informative. I hope you keep writing more and more. And if if possible write tip and trik in chess something that we love about chess, in the hope that we can improve our chess.

See you again

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mantap nih, blog soal catur yak? teruskan semangatnya mas!!