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Chess, Strategy and Tactics

Herbeth Spencer was the first person who introduced the term survival of the fittest, eternal hostility as the form of the competition to remain in the life. That he poured in his book of Principles of Biology during 1864 alias 200 years was more previous.

According to Spencer, the competition law in surviving only did not happen in the world of biology, but also in the world of economics. Moreover, Charles Darwin revealed the competition to continue to live was the law of the history of the universe of the iron law of selection in his theory of evolution.

Therefore, might be considered to be the life of humankind and nature was results of the eternal struggle. Whoever won, he will continue to remain. They who lost will be cast aside and were crushed by the iron law of history.

The game of the chess was perhaps liked because of resembling the simulation of the competition in the real life. Especially the law and the history of humankind of the iron law of nature: survival of the fittest, the competition law to continue to survive.

In the world of the competition, the truth although being not strong enough for each living creature to continue to remain. Was needed several other conditions took the form of the strength, intelligence, the tactical and strategic superiority in order to continue to be able to remain in the life.

Then the life, as in the case of the game of the chess, was a collection tactics and the strategy continually.

In the game of the chess -- as in the case of in the physical war, the competition for economics, or the political revolt -- a tactic is usually interpreted as a step immediately to respond to the opposing attack. Tactics were carried out to restrict the choice of the opponent so as to increase the position profit for the person/this player in the time for a moment.

Because of this the understanding of tactics was different from the strategy. Srategi needed several stages/the step to realizes. Because of that more took up time. His aim moreover if not deceived the opponent. So as the careless opponent and lost because careless anticipated the attack.

It is not surprising if the tactics experts and the world strategy liked this game. For example the leader of the Russian revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin or the founder of the Cuban country, Fidel Castro. Moreover Karl Marx, and general who never lost in battle, Napoleon Bonaparte's.

So, this article will head other articles tactics and the strategy in the game of the chess in this medium.

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